Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Auditions 

Auditions for 6th graders through 12th graders

  • The director reserves the right to make changes to the script with regards to some gender specific roles

  • Closed auditions (No parents/siblings/friends who are not auditioning may be present)

  • Please return to pick up your child no later than 9:00 in the Lobby of ACT.

  • This is a cold read. script excerpts will be provided. No preparation required, but you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the story.

  • Please bring a list of conflicts to auditions for all dates Sept 12 - Nov 10. -Washington Irving (m) Successful American author, folksy (9 lines)

-Abraham "Brom" Van Brunt (m) Sleepy Hollow's golden boy, handsome, strong, fearless, in love with Katrina van Tassell and jealous of others (75 lines)

-Sleepy Hollow Boy #1 (m) Isaac, friend of Brom van Brunt (9 lines)

-Sleepy Hollow Boy #2 (m) Jacob, friend of Brom van Brunt (12 lines)

-Sleepy Hollow Boy #3 (m) Frans, friend of Brom van Brunt (8 lines)

-Ichabod Crane (m) Awkward new schoolmaster, poor but ambitious, oblivious to how others see him (136 lines)

-Katrina (f) Daughter of Balthus van Tassell, beautiful and knows it (42 lines)

-Women of Sleepy Hollow (f) Three women same age as Sleepy Hollow Boys (1 line)

-Balthus van Tassell (m) Prosperous farmer, father of Katrina van Tassell, sensible and kind (45 lines)

-Dirk van Houton (m) No nonsense farmer, father of one of Ichabod's students, opinionated and used to being right (35 lines)

-Mrs. Van Tassell (f) Pleasant wife of Balthus and mother of Katrina, close friend of Mrs. Van Ripper (8 lines)

-Mrs. Van Houton (f) Exasperated but patient wife of Dirk, close friend of Mrs. Van Tassell and Mrs. Van Ripper (7 lines)

-Mrs. Van Ripper (f) Pleasant wife of Mr. Van Ripper, close friend of Mrs. Van Tassell and Mrs. Van Houton (3 lines)

-Mr. Van Ripper (m) Farmer and husband of Mrs. Van Ripper, friend of Bathus and Dirk, believer in ghosts (11 lines)

-Musicians and ensemble (m/f) Fiddle player, banjo player, guitar player, Bagpipe player, church choir, party goers, dancers (non-speaking)

We will be looking for youth wing members to design scenery, props, costumes, and to work and other production capacities.