Gibson and Sons Auditions

Auditions will be held April 28th and 29th at 7:00pm.

Sincere thanks to everyone who auditioned for Gibson and Sons. The quality of those auditioning for this show was exceptionally high and led to some extremely difficult choices (the sort of problem every director dreams of). If you were not selected for this show, PLEASE do not let that discourage you from auditioning in the future. There simply were not enough roles to reward all of you as you deserved.

Eva: Erica Janostak
Katya: Meridith Boylan 
Becca: Korilyn Hendricks 
Aunt Jo: Nancy Hansen 
Declan: James Raby
Luke: Ed Janostak 
Harry: Garrett Maroney 


Harry Gibson: (male late 20’s to early 40’s) Nerdy and inexperienced. Still lives at home and works in the family (funeral) business. Occasionally talks to his recently deceased mother. Women don’t seem to notice him, so he hatches a plan to find his dream girl.

Luke: (male early 30’s to mid 40’s) Harry’s more popular and successful older brother. Worries about his little brother. Luke’s love life could also be better as evidenced by his wife’s recent departure.

Declan: (male early 40’s to mid 60’s) Father to Harry and Luke. Runs the family’s (failing) funeral home business. Cares about his kids, but not very good at expressing that. Also not particularly adept at running the funeral home in his wife’s absence.

Becca: (female late 20’s to early 40’s) Wide-eyed innocent working as an intern in the funeral business. Knows absolutely nothing about it, but tries VERY hard. Has had a thing for Harry for years.

Jo: (female late 30’s to late 60’s) Sister to Declan’s late wife. Tries to take care of the Gibson clan, but not really as up to the task as her sister was. Not particularly tactful.

Katya: (female early 20’s to late 30’s) Noted for her great beauty and her (bad) Russian accent (think Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle). She is the reluctant mail-order bride to Harry. Her dream of living in Canada has overcome her fear of marrying a man she hardly knows…or has it?

Eva: (female late 20’s to mid 40’s) Katya’s (overly?) protective big sister. Shares Katya’s questionable Russian accent, but is a far more capable person. Very Practical and proficient in a number of life skills. Any hope for a happy ending is in her hands.