Cheaper By The Dozen Auditions

Auditions for the ACT Youth Wing production of Cheaper by the Dozen directed by JC Crider will be held on Sunday, December 2nd at 3pm and Monday, December 3rd at 7pm. Based on the real-life family of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, Cheaper by the Dozen is a classic dramatic comedy about a family of 14, and we will be casting Youth Wingers from 4th grade through 12th grade for the various roles. Older Youth Wingers will be considered for the adult and older teen roles, while younger Youth Wingers will be considered for the younger child roles, but there could be some flexibility with the age ranges for the younger kids. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Show dates are Feb 15, 16, 17, 22, 23. Role breakdown is as follows:

Mr. Gilbreth – Father of the family, a highly accomplished and incredibly intelligent industrial engineer who tests his theories on efficiency out on his family and runs the house like a company. Pushes his children to be the smartest kids in their class, and they are. Often arrogant, but pushes his family to be as efficient as possible because he’s running out of time himself – he is hiding a heart condition from his family that ultimately will take his life.

Anne – Oldest daughter, smartest kid in her class but sick of how her Dad is running the family. Wants to have a normal social life and date boys like the rest of the girls in her school. Rebels against Dad by wearing silk stockings and going on dates. Older teenager.

Ernestine –Looks to Anne to break Dad’s grip on the family. Also acts as the future narrator, looking back on the events of the past with Frank. Teenager.

Frank – Oldest son, also acts as a narrator by looking back on the events of the past with Ernestine. Teenager.

Mrs. Gilbreth – Mother of the family. Also a highly accomplished industrial engineer, but not obsessed with pushing their family to the extreme. Patiently puts up with Mr. Gilbreth’s antics but tries to get him to calm down and enjoy the time left he has with his family. A good balance to Mr. Gilbreth, she is kind and supportive of both her husband and Anne’s desire for freedom. 

Martha –Looks to Anne to break Dad’s grip on the family. Teenager.

 Bill –Loves embarrassing Anne in front of her dates. Young teenager or older child.

Lillian – Youngest daughter. Smart and curious. Child.

Fred –Smart but rambunctious, cons his dad into buying a dog. Child.

Dan –Also smart but rambunctious. Child.

Jackie – Youngest of the bunch. Child.

Miss Brill – Woman from the school district sent to test the kids. Not impressed by the Gilbreth family, would love to see the kids fail the test. Antagonist of the story.

Joe Scales – A boy from Anne’s school and a cocky cheerleader. Middle to older teenager.

Larry – Another boy who Anne’s school, the real love interest. Middle to older teenager.

Mrs Fitzgerald – Overworked housekeeper of the family. 

Dr. Burton – The family doctor.