The Canterbury Tales. By Geoffrey Chaucer. Adapted by Lindsay Price
Directed by Dustin Turner –



  • Auditions are 7 pm Sunday, Sept. 16, and Monday, Sept. 17
  • Available on Kindle here ($7.95):
  • Free online sample (most of the script):
  •  Auditions will consist of readings from selections of the play – The Canterbury Tales, Adapted by Lindsay Price
  • Most roles within the Tales will be doubled.  For example, the same actor might play Chanticleer (Prioress' Tale), Arviragus (Franklin's Tale) and Nicholas (Miller's Tale).
  • The Pilgrims are large roles with lots of lines and most likely will not double for other characters. It could happen, though!

The Pilgrims:

  • The Hostess (W): The owner of the Tabard Inn, where the pilgrims stay. She travels with them to Canterbury.

  • The Wife of Bath (W): She has been married five times and is searching for number six. She is from Bath.

  • The Cook (W): The cook at the Tabard Inn.

  • The Prioress (W): The prioress is in charge of a priory (a monastery).

  • The Reeve (M): The manager of a manor in the later medieval period.

  • The Pardoner (M): The Pardoner sells religious forgiveness and relics for a fee

  • The Miller (M): The miller operates a mill, which grinds grain (corn or wheat) into flour.

  • The Franklin 58 lines (M): A Franklin is a property-owner, but not of noble birth.

The Characters of the Tales:

  • Fox (W) (Prioress' Tale)
  • Pertelote (W) (Prioress' Tale)
  • Chanticleer (M) (Prioress' Tale)
  • Knight (M) (Wife of Bath's Tale)
  • King (M) (Wife of Bath's Tale)
  • Queen (W) (Wife of Bath's Tale)
  • Mary (W) (Wife of Bath's Tale)
  • Eve (W) (Wife of Bath's Tale)
  • Arviragus (M) (Franklin's Tale)
  • Aurelius (M) (Franklin's Tale)
  • Astrologer (M) (Franklin's Tale)
  • Eveline (W) (Franklin's Tale)
  • Avaline (W) (Franklin's Tale)
  • Joanne (W) (Franklin's Tale)
  • Dorigen (W) (Franklin's Tale)
  • Agnes (W) (Pardoner's Tale)
  • Waitress (W) (Pardoner's Tale)
  • Old Woman (W) (Pardoner's Tale)
  • Jacob (M) (Pardoner's Tale)
  • Harold (M) (Pardoner's Tale
  • Simekin (M) (Reeve's Tale)
  • Allain (M) (Reeve's Tale)
  • Hilde (W) (Reeve's Tale)
  • Maude (W) (Reeve's Tale)
  • Nicholas (M) (Miller's Tale)
  • Allison (W) (Miller's Tale)
  • John (M) (Miller's Tale)